Why iDraw Home Pen Plotter 2.0?

1. Higher Precision and Speed, Time-saving and High-efficient

Twice faster than Axidraw, half the price. Z motor.
Replacing the servo motors with stepper motors, the handwriting, plotting, and lasering speed is 3-4 times that iDrawHome 1.0, it can write around 500-600 characters per minute and the repeat positioning is 0.1mm, and the precision of step motors is 0.01mm.

2. Better Compatibility with High Power Laser Head, Explore More Possibility
After upgrading the metal structure, this version provides a more stable performance when mounted with different laser heads. Now we have 500mW/2500mW/5000mW options for you to laser on different materials like wood, acrylic, metal, food, glass, leather, stone, and more. It supports a greyscale laser, which brings more details to your artwork.

3. Limit Switch, Power On/Off, and Pause Buttons Give You Safer and More Convenience
Are you tired of looking for the starting point again and again when you want to do duplicate jobs like writing invitation letters for all relatives? The limit switch can help you to find the beginning point each time. It's unnecessary to unplug the power cable to start or stop the working machine with the Power On/Off button, which may be not safe for kids and students. The Pause button can be useful when you need a break by accident.

4. Better for Repeat Jobs or Your Small Business
If you need to write multiple posters or invitation letters before Christmas in handwriting style, or you want to sell some generative arts online with frames, or sell some DIY cups or cellphone cases in the street, with iDraw 2.0, it's unnecessary for you to buy those products any more, you can print or write them on your own. Why not open your shop today with iDraw 2.0?

5. Support Over 100 Fonts, You Can Customize Your Fonts Too
The biggest feature of iDraw 2.0 is to imitate your handwriting to any surface you want with 100+ different free fonts. If you have personal handwriting fonts, you can upload them to customize your style at ease. The machine imitates the movement of a hand, it tracks each letter. You can write/print on small boxes, wood, cardboard, etc. It all depends on the kids of the pen you're using.

6. Open-source Free Software with Lifetime Update, Best STEAM Programming Robots for Students and Teachers, Geeks, Creators, DIY Enthusiasts,
With Inkscape and LaserGRBL, you can program with different coding languages, including visual programming, which will be highly suitable for beginners or advanced makers. Control: Inskcape-Extension-iDrawControl

7. Colorful Layer Painting, No More Just White and Black
Most of the generative arts are just white and black, with iDraw 2.0, you will have a colorful world-by-layer printing function.