Qustion 1: How do I get tech support?

Answer: Customer support is 24/7 at  zhouni@idrawhome.com


Qustion 2: I cannot get it to print larger than 23.5 cm x 16.5 cm. I have a4 paper selected in inkscape. How do I print full size?

Answer: The print size is 0.8 times the set size. Software installed is not provided by us.  Use the software we provide, which comes in the USB stick with the parcel or download from our website.


Q3:I can't get the pen to lift, how to do?

Answer:There are 3 possible reasons for the trouble with getting the pen to lift?

Possible reason1: Is the servo wiring correct? Correct wiring should be like below.

Possible reason2: Whether the software parameters are correct, up 20, down45.

Possible reason3: Is the white rocker arm of the servo of the pen holder stuck?

Like below is right.